Posted by: editor | September 15, 2007

Welcome History of Photo students!

photo in above header is a cropped portion of an Andre Kertesz photograph

This History of Photo blog-site is strictly for the educational purposes of Professor Jaimie Lyle Gordon, to serve as a comprehensive class resource for her History of Photography course. Do not redistribute these blog contents, re-blog, copy/paste, or source this blog, as an owner, nor user of any content within the context used here, by either re-formatting the informational structure and content including any pdf’s uploaded, as your educational resource or directly using the formatting or content. All other instructors, you do not have my permission to use any of my course content, including project ideas, writing exercises, syllabus course outline directly or indirectly, as your course content.

While the contents of this blog, and course syllabus content,assignments, writing exercises, projects, and all pdf documents uploaded here, are for Professor Jaimie Lyle Gordon’s educational purposes only, all content belongs to respective owners, thinkers, artists where applicable, and noted as such.

This blog serves as an ongoing work in progress that I continually update or change; session resource and content, class presentations, writing assignments, and class visuals each semester. This blog is exclusively for my Photography students learning purposes only.  All info provided on these blog pages is student reference material for information discussed in class, or assigned independently per my suggestions.


Students, having in depth resource information provided for you for class sessions, will I hope help you to focus and be attentive in class by having the opportunity to be both prepared and engaged, and willing to participate while not having to worry about taking copious notes on the information covered. As you come to know me as an instructor, and understand my teaching philosophy, you will see that my purpose of providing all this information to you, is not to encourage you to study independently in an online capacity, but rather to enhance your experience by encouraging you to not only become informed about the History of Photography but be inspired by your discoveries within this blog-site of ideas, and images that you think exemplify photography as a form of personal artistic expression .

So, students, please visit often, nothing within these pages is a substitution for our dialogue and your participation in class, this is always in flux in tempo with our contemporary moment, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts and observations. It is my goal, for you to not only consume meaning, but to help create and direct it each class session.

RE: CLASS SESSION PAGES on RIGHT SIDEBAR; This is an overview of what I plan to cover per session, although when important tangents occur, we follow them, and any missed info will be carried over to next session.  The information reprinted on class session pages is borrowed from many sources, including my own, and paraphrased or directly quoted, when applicable. All info is related to the pdf image presentations I show in that particular class session. On each class session page you will find main topic of the lecture, information covered, class visuals, and test prep information that correlates to Naomi Rosenblum’s World History of Photography textbook, which your midterm and final exam rely upon.

You will find all the required handouts for class by clicking on the HOP HANDOUTS tab at top of page. It is your responsibility to download and print the pdf file formats. Project descriptions, writing exercises, and other documents I will review are also on the HOP HANDOUTS page tab.

Please refer to syllabus course outline for a complete description of course, objectives, requirements, deadlines,and session calendar. Make sure you are aware of your group presentation and project deadlines.

Hope you enjoy the course,

Professor Jaimie Lyle Gordon

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art, CUNY

Photography Department   Laguardia Community College, Long Island City, NY

Photography Department  Queensborough Community College, Bayside, NY